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You don’t get large things in small packages….

Unless it’s an inflatable, or maybe made of some kind of compacting sponge, or ...


Now when I say that Occasions is little, that’s somewhat of an understatement, Occasions is so small that I often loose it along with my keys, finding it days later in the back of the sofa.

My very first attempt at shooting a wedding video was as a favour to a friend of my sister some 18 years ago - it was awful as I didn't know what I was doing, didn't have the right equipment etc. Oddly, they thought it was fantastic and I had soon been volunteered to produce wedding films for all of their near relatives.

These steadily improved and I soon began working for a number of established wedding services companies - and from there the bug grew. Over the next 2-3 years i began working 'freelance' for many of the local wedding video companies such as The Finishing Touch, CJB, Images, Abbey Studios etc.

I soon became disillusioned with the way certain other companies were very much in it for the money with little or no regard for the finished result or their customer, and so I determined to set up Occasions to offer a fairer and more client-focused way of doing business.

This means that I still enjoy attending weddings and especially the look on the recipient's faces when they see the quality of their finished wedding DVD.

My partner Maxine attends weddings where a 2-camera shoot is neccessary - if she is not already busy with her own wedding photography business (see link to emotive imagery).

We are happy to cover your wedding for either Video or Photography, or of course both for those that like to keep their arrangements 'in house'.

Maxine also has the job of scrutinising and proofing the video before you see it (as I believe that it is impossible for anyone to proof their own work).
- please do not email your arguments, however valid, should you work in a distillery or similar.

It is true to say that our wedding videos have developed a certain style and look over the years, but we are more than willing to listen to any new ideas you may have and accommodate them where appropriate.

The general idea is to produce a video that is an accurate reflection of the day but with a quality that is not often attained with ‘fly on the wall’ footage.

The aim of this site is to give you an insight into the way we work, please bear in mind that some of the stills etc shown will be from weddings that have been produced with what is now old technology, and thus not be an accurate reflection of today’s quality. I will be replacing these images etc shortly.

No Matter how much 'information' I place on this site, the only way for you to really gauge the top quality wedding video being produced today is to arrange a viewing.

Have a browse, give me a call to check the data (a.s.a.p as we are a small business) and come and have an informal meeting and a chat about what you are looking for over a cuppa.

Please do not be fooled by the fact that I have allowed my 'sense of humour' to dictate the style of this website, each wedding I attend is treated with due diligence, respect and courtesy and I fully appreciate that there is no room for error on the day.

In fact , I am occasionally accused of being too serious or quiet on the day..

We do advertise and promote our services as anyone has only got so many unmarried friends and relatives but we have managed to build a good solid reputation over the last 15 or so years by delivering a quality of service and we still enjoy a good number of referrals and recommendations from previous clients.