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Worry, I laugh...

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Anybody that tells you that thereís nothing to worry about on the day, either;

  • has never been to a wedding before
  • is just a complete idiot !
  • is on better drugs than me

Trust me, there is plenty to worry about.  If only you knew how much could possibly go wrong with a video alone! Even after 18 years and a fair few weddings, I worry about every single one.
Which, probably, is a good sign, as I am more likely to ensure that I get it right.

Given that I worry as much as I do, you really don’t have to as that would just be a duplication of effort!


I will now attempt to answer a few fairly common or obvious questions that you may be thinking of. 

Or, if you haven’t thought of any questions at all you could just read the ‘answers’ and make up your own questions to suit. (which could prove marginally more interesting)

A. No. To be honest, Occasions is not so much a business as a hobby gone hopelessly astray, but I would like to think that after 18years or thereabouts I know what I am doing. Then again, wouldn’t we all.

A. As such, I currently have no affiliation whatsoever with the APV, the IOV or any other similar organisations whose acronym ends in V, although I do have a note from my Mom.

A. I tend to work on ‘select’ weddings at the nicer locations, and although I do advertise a little, depend upon ‘word of mouth’ for my ‘work’*, which is good because if you get words coming from anywhere else then you are probably possessed and need to seek some form of religious assistance / spiritual guidance immediately.


Some might worry that if this is something that I accidentally grew into then I may not have the necessary level of commitment to the 'job'* as those other companies which like to call themselves profeshinals.

My own opinion of the above is that someone such as myself that produces wedding videos due largely to personal enjoyment and fulfilment may well be a bit of an anorak but is likely to put more pride and effort in than the company that is purely doing it for the money.

A. I believe that your wedding videographer should dress to fit in with the majority of your guests and by doing so, hopefully, become inconspicuous. Normally this will mean a ‘lounge suit’ but should you be holding a black-tie wedding then I will, by all means, dust off my tux and flares.

A. It would be wrong to say that ”distance is no object” as no doubt this would cause uproar and confusion in the scientific community.

However, I am available to cover weddings in all areas, subject to practicalities such as weddings on sequential days not being in completely different parts of the country, i.e. I cannot practically shoot a wedding video in Scotland on Friday and be in Oxford to attend a wedding on Saturday.