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Cheese and cake?

wedding video still from Grafton Manor near Bromsgrove, WorcestershireFor those of you that have no idea why this page carries the above title - apologies (and congratulations). 

For those that do, “Garlic Bread ?” 

Actually, I did have a rather clever link in mind when I started this page. But sadly I have forgotten it.

...Aha! That’s it, remembered the link ! Embracing new ideas and technology.

Wedding Video production has changed drastically during the time that I have been doing this, never more perhaps than around the 2001-2002 'season' which saw the technology required for consumer DVD production become reliable.

Not only is DVD far superior in quality, more easily accessed, more compact for storage, and (supposedly) future proof, but also is handy as an impromptu drinks coaster for over-sized glasses, or a very compact frisbee for people with smaller gardens

The 'Big Thing' now of course is HD. The prolem is that the HD cameras that wedding companies use are not really of the same quality as the Pro, non-HD cameras.

As an example we bought a HD camera for c. £4,000 and it is nowhere near the picture quality of the non HD,Pro camera that cost c. £13,000 and of course the modern HD cameras are not easily held in a stable manner so there tends to be more wobble etc.

This unf. has led to companies developing a 'modern style of filming' to attempt to hide the prolem - hence the shooting from hip height at unatural angles and making deliberate pans and zooms etc - all in my opinion the sign of bad camera-craft but maybe I'm just old. If you haven't noticed already then take a look at the odd angles and shots that are looking up noses!

We ultimately aim to purchase the equipment that puts the HD into the Pro camera but to do this properly would currently cost around £25,000. Yes there are cheaper options but that is not what we are about, HD is great in theory but if you are not going to do it right then what is the point.

As far as we are aware no-one uses 'proper' HD quality of kit for weddings... watch this space, all I need is 6 numbers.

Of course there are still some ‘Uncle Frank’ companies around; i.e. those using equipment that they bought from a car boot sale or found at the back of the shed, and these will (normally) be a relatively cheap option when procuring your video.