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Steve Austin … a man barely ...

We have the technology……. but not the money...

The rather unfortunate thing about the humungous advances in technology is that some companies have not so much embraced it, but rather, seemingly had it surgically and irrevocably implanted.

The often blatant over-usage of technology means that their wedding videos are full of special effects; floating angels, cartoon cherubs, magically appearing bouquets of flowers, a myriad ridiculous fades, page peels, wipes and other assorted transitions including my personal favourite the ’heart-shaped’ aperture!

"Hmm, nice."

Just for those of you that don’t come into day-to-day contact with sarcasm, I absolutely refuse to use special effects that will make your wedding video look (and this is a highly technical term) cheesy.

Parents may recall that in the 70’s photo albums were very often finished with the final photograph being of the happy (everyone was happy in the 70’s man) couple picture within a champagne flute or smiling out of the grill of the Rolls-Royce. (I can hear Peter Kaye now, “Champagne Flute?”)

Whilst this effect was the cutting edge of technology at the time, it still looks bloody awful now and is generally the subject of some ridicule.

Whilst I do utilise some limited special effects such as black & white, sepia toning, etc. an occasions wedding video is edited with subtlety so that you, and I, will still be proud of it in years to come.