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If subtlety in editing is important then discretion in filming your wedding day video is essential.

Some companies want to direct your day, which can sometimes cause additional stress for yourselves, and cause a degree of friction with your professional photographer.

I am proud of my ability to “blend in”, only last week someone stated “you think you’re a bloody chameleon”. At least i think that's what they said.


The letters that I receive after the event often state “We didn’t know you were there” or “We really didn’t notice you on the day”

On the day, I work with, or more accurately around, your photographer rather than against them, borrowing occasionally the more formal or group shots that they have expertly set up, whilst now and then nipping off to capture the informality that even good photography cannot. You will note that our links page does not only list my partner Maxine's business but also a number of other wedding photographers that I have developed a good working relationship with over the years.

"The current ‘in’ term with photography is reportage which is supposedly more
relaxed and informal than traditional wedding photography. "

Of course, a good discretely filmed video will naturally be reportage and will capture a blend of both the formal and informal.

My personal view (although I am NOT a professional photographer) is that your photography should have an element of ‘tradition’ about it, else the organisational skills of the photographer are lost.
I have attended weddings where the photographer was a keen amateur friend of the couple and whilst they be able to get a reasonable end result the entire day has been a mess if they don't have the neccessary experience.

I hate to say it but engaging a professional photographer is actually more important than a video so if you have a restrictive budget then go for the former option. I challenge you to find another wedding video company that it this honest! (Alternatively talk to us about our combined wedding video and photography as we may be able to do something regards fees for people looking to book both services.)

Generally, if you allow your photographer to maybe produce a mix of traditional and not-so-traditional and leave the very informal to a video, then you will need far less photography coverage which could then mean a saving of both time and money on the day.

For instance, if you have a proper, comprehensive video then there is no need for the photographer to capture speeches or first dance etc - these are obviously captured far better with video.