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Do you feel lucky ?

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With the total expense of a wedding both obvious and hidden, it is very tempting to cut corners and entrust your day to an ‘Uncle Frank’ * company.

It might save you a few pounds. Maybe you’ll drop lucky.

There are of course companies that seem to be oblivious to this and are placed at the other extreme. Unfortunately this may involve you remortgaging the house, knocking over the local post office, selling that kidney ...

My aim is to deliver the very highest quality and service levels without the ridiculous charges of certain other companies.


Despite that fact that there now seem to be more wedding video companies than you can shake a stick at, whatever that means, finding the right one for you shouldn’t be too difficult if you apply a degree of common sense.

A few pointers, if I may;

  • Obviously check out the websites etc of a number of companies and dismiss the ones that seem bolshy or pretentious.
  • Still here ? That’s a good sign! Meet with and view work from a number of the ones that are left, ensuring that you are seeing work from the actual videographer that would attend ‘on the day’ and not work from some guy that left the company last year - which can happen with the larger businesses. (I used to work for another company and they were still using my work as a demo 3 years after I left!)
  • Compare ALL INCLUSIVE costs across the companies that you feel are offering the quality that you are looking for (see our true-cost comparison table)

Ultimately your choice of wedding video company should be able to not only produce the finished DVD to the quality that you would expect but also you believe will look and behave appropriately on the day, and, of course, deliver the service that you deserve.

Having done the easy bit, now go and find someone suitable to marry and propose to them immediately.

*'Uncle Frank ' companies is the name i affectionately apply to those that nipped to Dixons and bought a camcorder - in short you may as well get your Uncle Frank to do it.