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DVD Content 

champagne and canapes at Grafton ManorAs I have already stated we are flexible with regards to the format of your wedding video and will always try to individually tailor the finished item to your own requirements.
Any wedding, however, whether it be Church ceremony, Civil ceremony, or Registry does tend to follow a certain framework and thus, so will your video.

This is a summary of how a video would normally be filmed and edited and I have based this upon a Church service although a similar flow or logic will apply to other wedding styles such as Civil Ceremony, Registry Office or for that matter Civil Partnership.

We do not pretend to be specialists on the latter but don't believe that there is any fundamental difference in producing a wedding video so cannot understand why any company should have an issue!

For more detailed information regards DVD chapters please see the subsequent pages - accessible through the navigation above or the highlighted links below.

Setting the scene & Arrivals 

Additionally some couples choose to begin their wedding video with a selection of photographs showing them growing up set to a piece of music.
It’s fair to say that most however, think it’s a terrible idea, but parents and grand-parents love it.

The Ceremony

Surely, the most important part no matter your faith or denomination

The reception venue

Where everyone can begin to relax and enjoy the day


… except the best man, father of the bride, groom….

Evening reception

Aha, now they can. Apart from the wobbling round slowly holding bums dance.


The pièce de résistance, ooooh, aaaahh, sniffle. 
Generally considered the most emotive part of your wedding DVD, You have to see this!