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Setting the scene

a selection of church 'detail' images from  wedding videoAll too many wedding videos are very abrupt; you see the Groom arrive, the Bride, they enter the church, married, done...

I believe that your video should flow logically and smoothly at a relaxed pace, and, most importantly tell a story for the future.

Our wedding video work like a book or a wedding film and ‘open’ with scenes of the church, surroundings, architecture, flowers, stained-glass windows etc, tastefully edited to music of your choice. 

Over this will be displayed titles detailing your own details, those of the Church, Date, Best Man, Bridesmaids etc.


In order to achieve this properly I will normally attend the church 1 –1 1/2 hours prior to the service.

going the extra mile to set the scene for your wedding video


By arriving at the church early enough, I can achieve the required result and still be back at the entrance to the church in order to film arrival of your guests and, obviously, the Bridal party.
Discretion (and camouflage paint) will allow the video to look ‘natural’

images from wedding video
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