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I do, I do, I do…….

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Now I am not the most religious person you’ll ever meet (although I do spend a fair amount of my life in church), but I do think that the marriage vows are the real reason that we are all there are the day.

Even the most confident of Brides & Grooms can suffer a touch of nerves on the day, causing them to almost whisper their vows so that even family in the front row of the congregation cannot hear them.

To enable family to actually witness your vows and to enhance your own future enjoyment, it is crucial that they are captured properly and clearly.

In order to achieve this, we will furnish you with either a radio-mic transmitter (which also doubles up as a tracking device should you have a last minute change of heart), a recordable mini-disc, or in the event of complete technological breakdown two cups and a piece of string.

The actual camera view in the church will depend very much upon the minister or Vicar on the day, so it is quite important that you check with them when discussing the potential for video coverage.

If appropriate, and practical, I will attend the wedding rehearsal in order to clarify such matters before the day itself.

Faith, Hope, and Love