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The reception venue

wedding video stills of wonderful wedding venues Billesley Manor Stratford, Grafton Manor Bromsgrove, and Eastnor Castle Ledbury

Once the service is over we can all relax slightly and the video filming will simply go with the flow, capturing the photographer’s work (but not necessarily the photographer) outside the church, and your departure from the church in your awaiting carriage.

Once at the reception venue, your photographer may launch straight into further photographs or perhaps allow time for taking Pimms and mingling with the accompanying rabble (err, I mean guests).

In either case, your wedding videographer will be your eyes and ears as you will be far, far too busy to see, let alone actually recall any of the specific details.

The recording will pause once you have attended to the receiving line and been heralded in to the wedding breakfast, as I will categorically not film whilst people eat as I believe that this can them feel uncomfortable. 

a pint of Guiness and Denise Richards what else could a man hope for?

until I am (hopefully) beckoned for the real cutting of the cake and then speeches from the head table, at which point I shall spring into action once more. 

Well, I’m not sure that spring is exactly the right word.

Can o' Peas (Paes - Black Country dialect,  ask Carl Chin)

wedding video images - The Mill Hotel, Studley Castle, Ardencote Manor