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Before I start my speech,
I’d just like to say a few words….

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The speeches, which normally include, in order, Father of the Bride, Bridegroom, and Best Man, but has been known to include the Bride herself, The Brides mother, Uncle Tom Cobbley etc, is a very key part to the whole video.

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Whether you are expecting fantastically delivered, Oscar winner's acceptance type speeches or a few simple words, full of emotion, there is only one way to capture them for you to enjoy and relive over and over and that is with video.

Those people who dont opt for wedding video have, obviously, lost that opportunity for ever.

By encouraging an Usher to organise a "sweep" or "book" on the length of the speeches, you can ensure that everyone pays absolute attention to the proceedings, whilst making the speaker believe that they really are delivering an inspirational insight into married life.

In order to enable the speeches to be captured with as little embarrassment to the speaker as possible, I will always attempt the find a filming position that is discrete. In order to maintain the quality of the audio a set of radio microphones will be secreted on the top table in the bouquet or similar (but should be returned prior to throwing of the bouquet)

Should the Best man's speech become a little too near the knuckle then, on the subtle cue by a previously selected code word, our baraclava'd agents will then be able to storm the room, take control from the hotel staff, and make good your rescue through the nearest window with a specially knitted, rope ladder (painstakingly colour co-ordinated to match your cravate)


wedding dvd images - speeches