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The evening reception

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For one reason or another some video companies do not want to stay around to film your evening reception, and will attempt to discourage you by stating that people don’t want to be filmed or that the footage will be boring to watch etc.

My own experience is somewhat different and I have found that if the evening is, again filmed with subtlety, then your guests can still enjoy themselves and the finished result can look, and sound, spectacular. (of course, this also depends upon you booking the right DJ, band etc)

It is extremely important that you realise that most video companies will ‘quote’ you for spending only a set time with you during the evening. This in my opinion, can cause a couple of potential problems;

A) you rush things in order to do the wobbling round slowly holding bums dance (sometimes known as the first dance, but that’s a silly name) and then worry that Aunt Ethel wasn’t back from feeding the dog and missed it all.

B) your video company stay until your dance is done and presents you with a further bill for the extra time that they spent on the day. Even ignoring the extreme companies this can be as much as £50.00 per 1/2 hour additional coverage !

In complete contrast, I work without any time constraints and will attend your reception until I am absolutely confident that I have more than enough ‘footage’ to make a good finished edit.

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Your wedding video can be made more interesting and personalised by allowing your evening guests to add their own special messages.

Normally, early evening messages involve family saying things like “ooh, it’s been a lovely day…” whereas some hours, and beers, later the messages from friends and work colleagues might begin“Hey, remember that stripper on the stag weekend…… “

Unlike other wedding companies, we do not patrol the reception venue pouncing on people to take part in this, we simply distribute leaflets during the evening, suggesting that people come and find me should they wish to partake.
This way no-one feels pressured but, of course, if no-one comes forward you don’t get the result.

guests leave messages on your wedding video