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An offer you can’t refuse ?

I will assume that by this stage you have already dismissed the ‘Uncle Frank’ companies, and are now only comparing those capable of producing a wedding video of a quality that you will actually wish to watch over and over. This statement may seem obvious but there are those that will try and acquire your business by being a tad less than truthful concerning costs and what you actually get for your money.

Now, I know that cost shouldn’t be the deciding factor in any major purchase but surely it must have some bearing on things, unless you are

a) a recent lotto winner b) Simon Cowell c) completely deranged

You will have already found that companies vary drastically in their fees (and qualities), and hopefully have reaslised that our niche is the provision of top quality without the ridiculous fees. We genuinely believe that no other comany offers what we do when compared on a true like-for like basis.

This ‘table’ of comparables is based on average costs across a number of companies that I tend to research annually, or failing that once a year.

I am deliberately avoiding cost comparables with the likes of ‘The Graham Fenton experience’, who, although I personally like some of the things they do, seems to be aiming at the market as noted in a) - c) above, with prices starting from around £2,000 the last time I looked.

Actually we went to the NEC fayre recently and there was a company there charging £5,000 - I did mean to enquire whether this came with a free luxury honeymoon.

'Basic Video package'   £750 - £1,000 £950 (£1,100†)
'Optional extras'

Childhood photographs montage



Occasions Wedding Video inclusive price

Additional DVD copies (assuming 3*)


£60 - £90

Inclusion of music


£30 - £60

Additional evening coverage


£120 - £300

Addition of montage highlights sequence



'Special' montage feature - editing of vows



Use of radio mic for vows / speeches  


Total including additions.   £1,260 - £1,750 £950 (£1,100†)

On a personal note, I really have an issue with the companies that state "our operatives must receive a two-course hot meal" or similar - your photographer / videographer is NOT a guest and if they are incapable of preparing and packing a sandwich then why would you trust them with anything of a technical nature?

So, my fee is for me to attend the wedding, from nice and early until I know the job is done (without time constraints), and edit including music, titles, and subtle special effects.
† This is normally £950 but can vary upto £1,100 to allow for exceptionally long-days / long periods of travel / overnight accomodation- if in doubt, please ask you will find that i actually want your business!

‘Copies’ (within reason) are automatically provided for immediate family such as parents and grand-parents. Of course, this is the 21st century so let’s not forget step-parents etc. *we find that the average number of copies requested is 7 with an occasional request for upto 10 - imagine costing that in with other companies.

When taking all into account, my quoted £950 or £1,100 compares very favourably with the ‘average’ of the other companies or, ha ha competitors, which is very often well the wrong side of £1,200

wedding video prices - correct at time of going to press

So… the offer, if you’ve gotten this far and haven’t given up on the sense of humour then we’ll probably get on fine. 

Give me a call, drop me an email , send a pigeon, have a chat / check date availability, arrange to pop over have a cup of tea or a beer, and see some recent examples of my wedding video ‘work’, and discuss any ideas you may have.

I then encourage you to simply walk away, having made no commitment, and compare our proposition with other companies.

Give me a call a week or so later and either say “Phil, you’re rubbish, you smell, and you’ve got no mates, let some other poor couple have that date!” or “Phil, actually we’re quite, nay very, impressed and would like to book”

If you then choose to come back then you, and we, know that you have made the choice without pressure.
No other company I have found is this confident that you are likely to want to come back to them - perhaps that is why they will attempt to push you to sign up there and then?