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Thank you, thank you very much

It’s always gratifying to receive even the simplest “thank you” cards or letters.
Naturally, the ones accompanied by expensive gifts or copious amounts of cash are also welcomed.
Below are excerpts from a number of such letters that I have been lucky enough to receive over the months / years

“I was a little anxious at having a video of the wedding at all…. And as you came highly recommended …. Our very special day was captured perfectly…”

“… even though we had a photographer for the day, you captured so much more even the little things that not everyone had noticed..”

Amanda & Darren

“your claim to invisibility is totally justified and you captured so much more on the day than I did as mother of the bride…” “is it a heresy to say that I prefer if to the photos ?”

Pat, mother of Jenny

“you have done an excellent job and given us something we will treasure forever…… we really appreciated you staying so late to film our evening, your flexibility and generosity with videos..”

Emma & Charlie

“the best compliment we can make is that we did not notice you during the day, and in view of Sue’s aversion ot being filmed that was most appreciated. It is impossible for us to explain how well the video captures our day…… ”

Gareth & Susannah

"I sent your thank you letter two months ago, please can I have my £5.00 now ?"

“Dear Phil, it’s fantastic! Simon and myself and delighted wit the video/Dvd, the contents are exactly as we hoped for and more… your service, support and discretion was second to none … we will always treasure such wonderful memories and the way they are presented”

Kym & Simon

“… it is a wonderful memento of our special day in which you captured some special moments from start to finish”

Claire & Matt

“and you say that Ms. Richards is fully aware of the exact positioning of that telescope Sir?”

PC Wakeman 3712,

“everybody has commented on how you managed to be in all the right places for the best shots without them even noticing you … we never noticed you at all which made the video very natural… the stills at the end summed up the day beautifully.”

Richard & Jo

“your video…. was the ‘icing on the cake’ we all love it, thank you very much, we are so pleased we chose you…”

The North family

“David & I would like to thank you for such a wonderful video of our wedding. It really is fantastic”

Tamara & David

“...absolutely thrilled to bits with it—it really is truly perfect. You have done a fantastic job!! I will treasure it…”


“it was so moving and so professionally done”

Mom & Dad Harrison

“we are so glad that we decided to have film coverage of our wedding…. We really were impressed how you managed to be everywhere bu so un-intrusive”

Julie & Steve

“with thanks for our wonderful wedding video. You gave us an excellent service + the end product was superb”

Katy & Matt