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Apologies to those that feel that this may be slightly self-indulgent but I would like to thank all of the people that have allowed me to be a part of their lives (at least for that one special day) during the last 15+ years.

I have been privileged to work for you, to attend your weddings and, in many cases to make new, long-standing, friends, thank you for indulging me in that regard and for letting me do what I enjoy.

I do believe that most if not all of my quips are genuine and have be borne of random and often obscure thoughts following 2 or 3 guinnei (which is the official collective, as a swarm of guinessessess would just not sound right)

However I would like also like to pay tribute to Clint Eastwood, Eddie Izzard, Peter Kay, and Guiness amongst others for the inspiration . 

Oh, also many thanks to Denise Richards, so far no lawsuit. (another bizarre word; a suit made of law?)