Where to begin?

I suppose that it is entirely reasonable that you expect there to be an "about me" page although you will note that I deliberately placed this section after the more relevant sample video clips.

I'm afraid that I am not really into the modern 3rd-person, fluffy but irrelevant narrative  

"Dave  just loves kittens and baking muffins whilst strolling down his favourite country lanes and has never knowingly poked a badger in the eye with a spoon"​ 

Hopefully  just a few lines of genuine, less self-centred, down to earth blurb will be somewhat more useful. I may occasionally switch between I and we as "we" are a couple and a team and work together or independently depending upon client requirements. As  is oft the case, I am sure that some sections will become wordier than I hoped for as the subject can be a complex one.

So, I  (Phil) began filming events and weddings somewhat accidentally 20+ years ago - and let me tell you  that it's not easy to accidentally film a wedding!

After being cajoled into that very first one, (the results of which were pretty awful) I began sub-contracting for a handful of local companies but over time I came to feel that their approaches were somewhat mercenary and that also there was something inherently wrong with a client not knowing who would actually  turn up on the day when booking with what was basically an agency.

If you really want a little more background information then it is here.

Given my time in the industry I have the experience of umpteen hundred weddings (although I still aim to improve  every single year with new techniques, kit, or simply practice)

We have been fortunate to expand into corporate events and conference work on an international basis in more recent years this has added a new dimension to my/our work and has certainly ensured that we can work under pressure.

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site may contain nuts.

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