More background

With minor illusions of grandeur I launched Occasions Wedding Services and began offering a video

and photography service working with just 4 hand-picked photographers (matching photographer style and approach to the client and ensuring that they met in advance) and this was moderately successful

for a number of years before I felt that I needed to move into the digital era and more modern coverage which I could not achieve with my photographers of that time.

My far-better-half Maxine and I had always shared a love of photography of all kinds and it was only logical that eventually we began to work more together. Initially her creativity was complemented by my marginally technical approach to photography tutoring but to be honest the student now surpasses the master in most (but not all) photographic genre.


Whilst I have known a lot of local photographers and have worked alongside most without issue for years, there are numerous benefits with working alongside Maxine - both to myself and to our clients.

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