How do I work ?

I have to date shot hundreds of weddings on a 'traditional basis' * but also offer the more modern, considerably shorter option if you prefer.  


My logic has always been to provide as comprehensive a coverage as possible whilst remaining as discreet as possible (with the necessary exception of marryoke style videos)

Video has undergone a transformation in recent years with companies attempting to sway opinion away from full length coverage over to the new style in order to better suit the limitations of DSLR-based shooting.

For me/us, the last few years has brought about a number of challenges as decisions have had to be made regards which aspects of the new style should be integrated into Occasions offering.


 I/we do utilise professional DSLR as part of our arsenal as well as GoPro, Drone, gliderail, gimbals etc where appropriate BUT  traditional values regards composition and viewpoints etc are retained. This means that I/we will not adopt the new shoot from the hip approach which results in unflattering footage of your nostrils.

Our main camera (as of March 2019) is now capable of shooting in full 4K please bear this in mind when viewing our sample clips where the main footage is predominantly SD based.

*Whilst "old fashioned" perhaps, I believe that static sequences should be stable, and that moving shots should be smooth.  

When I answered the owner of a new-stlye video business enquiring as to the cost of my glide rail, he replied "oh, I didn't pay that much for my entire kit"

Don't get me wrong, kit is not the answer, but only an idiot would state that it doesn't make a difference.

Aerial footage (ie footage taken from the air as opposed to images of aerials) cannot be guaranteed in any way as safety has to be first priority.  Common sense must prevail and as such I cannot operate too close to other private property, power lines, airports, schools etc or where visibility or signal could be compromised.  Weather conditions on the day could also impact on safety and sometimes something as simple as your own time constraints means a no-fly.

Generally speaking I feel that using the drone for introductory sequences which are shot prior to arrival of guests or visitors to the location(s) is the most sensible option.

As I cannot offer any form of  surety of coverage from this device I DO NOT make any additional charge at all.   If  such coverage is of paramount importance to you then I have to recommend that you look to a company that takes a different view - but do please check their terms regards payments and refunds if they then suffer a no-fly.

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