Video & Photography combo

I am more than happy to work alongside the vast majority of other photographers and will not engage in bidding wars or such in an attempt to rob my friends or colleagues of your potential work.

However, there is a word "Synergy" which I believe is of Asian origin and means something akin to 'the whole is greater than the sum of the parts'

Whilst my own starting point for weddings was video, I am also a photographer and run some photography tuition days from time to time.  My partner Maxine is a photographer and also has video experience.

This means that when booked as a combined team we can provide a greater total amount of coverage than any other 2 person team that we know of.  Sure there are companies that send teams of 4 or 5 operators but your guests can then feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable with no safe places to avoid a camera.


It is our belief that no one person can properly offer photo and video - there has to be an element of compromise.

In our case we each prioritise our own media - and feel that this is essential in order to avoid compromise - but for aspects of the day such as the ceremony and speeches we can generally offer a 2nd (and possibly 3rd) angle or viewpoint.

As we concentrate on our own field but also look to provide the alternate where possible we DO NOT charge any additional fee for this!

I would have thought that this was already a tremendous deal but bear with me, it gets better..

Whilst I have good working relationships with numerous wedding photographers, there are some where I would potentially be unable to offer you the coverage that I would wish to when working alongside them.  Some are simply impervious or uncaring that they are potentially spoiling your video whilst some actually appear to be doing it deliberately!


In a couple of isolated cases there are those where their previous lack of respect shown to a Church ceremony and it's Vicar means that I could not comfortably work alongside them again.

I have to believe that I can produce an end result that we can all be proud of so in either above case, I reserve the right to politely decline your 'job'

Funnily enough, Maxine encounters similar issues with other video companies from time to time.  As you perhaps imagine it is therefore far easier for Maxine and I to work together than with some of the others or with an unknown quantity.

The benefits to both ourselves and clients are multiple


- there is no issue of a bloody idiot photographer standing in front of a remote (or manned) video camera

- Maxine can concentrate on her job of photography but also oversee a 2nd (or 3rd) video whilst I can concentrate on video but grab a few stills at select moments.  This means that we can normally offer the advantage of  2 or even 3 viewpoints or angles to offer a more immersive, more interesting breadth of coverage.  Please see the short sample extract clip.

Unlike some companies, it is not that a "professional" operator is simply bringing along their mate or spouse in order to have an excuse to charge an additional fee.  We each have relevant long-term experience in our chosen and opposing fields.

This should not bias your final decision too much but, if you do like both my work AND Maxine's and book us together then, if you ask nicely, I will reduce my video fee to reflect that I do not have to gamble with working with an idiot on the day.  Maxine of course is not so lucky but that's another story.

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