My fee structure is straightforward,  fair and unpretentious, I do not believe in gaining your attention with artificially low quotations only to later move the goalposts.


By the  same token I generally have a half day of preparation of kit, 10-13 hours on the day and probably what would equate to a solid week of  editing if I was to ever time it.  In reality, if someone expects this for £700 then we will be unlikely to reach any mutual realistic agreement and I genuinely hope that you get better than you pay for.

Being located just inside the Worcestershire border with West Midlands, I happily cover weddings in both counties as well as Herefordshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire with no quibbling. 

I would rather travel for an hour to a great location then I would travel 25 minutes into a city centre so if you can provide me with a picturesque country church where lambs spring across the gently undulating stream in the foreground then I will be a happy bunny.


When covering weddings in more distant locations such as Lincoln, central London, Surrey or Scotland we have made realistic charges toward overnight accommodation etc.


I only cover a maximum of one wedding a day (and may not even book events on consecutive days) so I am committed to your day without compromise.  Let's make the most of it without you having to worry about what the final bill might be.



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