Normal Costs

You will have perhaps noticed elsewhere that  almost nobody is willing to talk about costs in simple terms and in advance of having you in front of them in a near captive audience situation.


Those that are willing to be slightly more forthcoming seem to use the term "investment" which, in my opinion, is both ridiculous and pretentious. 

Clearly I hope and believe that you will consider money spent with myself to be good value  and that your video provides something that you will enjoy for years to come but let's be realistic, I am not attempting to sell you a house or an investment trust.

My remarkably close-to-all-inclusive fee is £1,100 - no £xx95 or .99 in sight.  

There are companies advertising video coverage from as little as £600 through to £3,000+ and I know which I compete with in terms of coverage and quality.

When attempting to compare with other companies (which is only natural) consider the small-print items that can often creep in.  The more commonplace can include;

  • additional hours of coverage

  • addition of music

  • use of radio mics

  • additional copies of DVD

  • upgrade to Blu-Ray

  • inclusion of guest messages

  • inclusion of aerial work

  • addition of montage

  • editing vows for montage

  • plus of course the costs of food and, would you believe, a bar tab!

I am sure that you can imagine that this can,  and does on occasion, add up to a sizable amount and is all the more annoying for not having been clearly stated at outset.

When fully considering all of the above,  I will not just match but beat any other suitably experienced company where the service is comparable on a like-for-like basis.  Please do not be frightened to talk openly with me - what's the worst that can happen?

We can offer even better value, when you use our combined photography and video offering.

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