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Modern life is all rush, I get that. Everyone is busy and wants instant results and in many cases to make instant decisions, often online.

Personally, I feel that mistakes could easily be made in adopting this approach with your photography and video.

A few online albums or video clips cannot really offer a full understanding of what a company does - especially of course if you want an actual physical album or storybook as online quality and printed quality may be very different things.

I am / we are more than happy to answer your initial queries via email or telephone BUT after that I strongly recommend that you come along and see more of my/our work (whether photography or video or of course both) properly and discuss matters calmly (and without pressure) over a cuppa.

Obviously you might at that point say "you smell, you've got no mates, and I hate your work" but otherwise we encourage folk to go away and mull over their options after visiting us.  We temporarily hold the date for you in order  to remove any pressure.

We work on the theory that if we are any good then you will choose to come back, and if not then all we ask is that you have the courtesy to let us know that  you have found someone better / cheaper etc so that we can free up the date for someone else.

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