I suspect that any individual or business that states that they have never suffered a problem or made a mistake is either remarkably lucky or lying. I strongly favour the latter suspicion.

With 20+ years and I honestly have no idea how many weddings behind me, I have experienced all manner of issues from cameras or other kit malfunctioning to my car breaking down or even once being stolen on the morning of a wedding.

It is quite normal for me to be unable to sleep for day or two before a wedding and I will not allow myself to drink or even eat a curry the day prior to a booking as I will not knowingly risk even the slightest possibility of increasing my risk of illness.  Suffice to say, I do not take your wedding work lightly.

I have never not attended a (booked) wedding and have never not attempted to make good but in the real world there are things outside of my control.

Although I do attend the occasional wedding fayre and (obviously) have a website, the majority of my work is gained through recommendation from previous clients or from a few of the more up-market local wedding venues.

However I have to state that, when booking with me you are deemed to have read and understood and to be in complete and irrevocable agreement with my terms and limited liability.

In the event of an unsatisfactory outcome of  any form and for any reason, my liability (financial or otherwise) is strictly limited to a refund of deposit paid to me.  By entering into contract with myself you understand and accept that I will not be held accountable in any way for emotional distress or anything such.

In order to protect myself, in the event of your cancellation (for whatever reason or reasons) any deposit paid shall be deemed forfeit.


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