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 I do not believe in the concept of promoting other services simply due to the provider being our friends, relatives or neighbours.  I take recommendations very seriously and do not offer them lightly as else they could impact upon your day and my own reputation (such as it is).


The people listed may well be my friends now but rest assured that anyone shown here represents a business that I would genuinely consider utilising myself.

Emotive Imagery Photography

Bias aside, Maxine is surely the best wedding photographer that I know - but of course she had a great tutor in the early days.

I have yet to meet anyone that does not like Maxine and she has the knack of putting everyone at ease from day one and will never consider any client request as too much.

Like myself, she does not do time constraints or hidden surprise fees but believes in a fair fee for a great job done.

Barrie James Rolls-Royce 

I first met Phil of Barrie James when subbing for a local photo/video company and I was drawn to how his cars stood out from the crowd (but in a classy way)  

It is fair to say that Phil & I have now been good friends for a good number of years and as yet I still have never seen him without sunglasses and a Bee-Gees mane.  


I have to confess that whilst I am not really a cake person (that would be completely impractical) I do like a good fruit cake and no I am not talking about Andy from Cakeland.

Floral Secrets

It is not my forte of course but I cannot even begin to fathom the "secrets" involved in floristry - but perhaps that is the point.  Luckily Jo knows so she is the person to contact.

Pinnies & Pearls vintage hire

No, not vintage cars. It has become more popular than perhaps it was even in the 40's to dress your room and table in vintage bunting, crockery (the latter being for the table) and other decor.

Lovely lovely Bec and "Swinging Rich" offer a ridiculously under-priced and comprehensive service.

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