What to expect from me on the day

Being old fashioned and having a certain respect for both our clients and the wedding ceremony, rest assured I normally wear a business suit - although I can don a tux if that will better suit your day.

I shall arrive at your wedding location, appropriately attired, normally around 1-1/2 hours before the ceremony. Some venues or situations may require longer - I knew, for instance, that at Eastnor Castle I would need to allow time to walk to the other side of the lake for the establishing shots.


This not only allows me (subject to access) to capture my introductory clips (see samples) but allows me to ensure that Church wardens or the venue wedding organisers are happy.

I will work to capture your day comprehensively but with subtlety and especially with a respect to the ceremony and it's officials.

With the exception of marryoke, I will not attempt to direct the day or to compete with your photographer.  I feel that for best results in video, it should be filmed as naturally as possible from a distance that respects your own personal space and does not make you feel uncomfortable in any way.

Yes, I know, this is now considered stalking and somewhat frowned upon amongst certain circles - the Police for instance.

A combination of equipment and experience will be utilised in an attempt to gain the best outcome for our clients. Where possible, radio mics are used to capture exchange of vows and rings and also speeches and (if required) guest messages.

I do not generally work to a specific finish time as even military weddings can run late and as such you could face a compromise regards breadth of coverage and/or face additional fees later.  I find it much fairer to simply stay until the job is done.  It is not uncommon for me to be on site until after 10pm, for which there is no additional cost.

If you are planning fireworks at midnight then of course it was be useful to know in advance as I can ensure that I have my flask of cocoa to hand.

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