Before the day

I have noticed that the new norm is to make a feature of actually offering a consultation before the day.  I am sorry but this is surely just common sense.

Anyway.  Tea - that's what to expect.  You cannot go far wrong with tea during a chat. I would potentially mention cake but I don't intend to attempt to bribe you.

Sure we like to think that we know what we are doing but first and foremost weddings are about people so

please expect a potentially random sense of humour and a near unbound enthusiasm to welcome you and your family and/or friends (it has even been known for the Groom-to-be to attend!)

During our consultation (which still seems somewhat pretentious in terms of terminology, and need not be limited to 1 hour) we would normally look at a number of examples of previous weddings so that you know that I have shot more than the half a dozen short clips that you can view online.

If you have the patience and can cope with a little bit of anorak then I will perhaps demonstrate which we use radio-mics for vows and similar captivating content.

We can discuss any specific or unusual requirements you may have and,if appropriate, timings for the day, and perhaps begin to discuss music choices.

Given that our services are generally booked 12 months to 30 months in advance, I would normally suggest a further chat about 3 weeks prior to the wedding.  This can be face-to-face or by telephone - whichever you are happier with.

I ask that our couples contact me 2 weeks prior to their wedding date if the above has not already happened - just in case a pet has eaten my paper-based booking forms whilst we have simultaneously suffered a computer and back-up crash.

Eleventh-hour changes in your line up of Bridesmaids and Ushers is not unheard of and causes no issues from our perspective - you should however ensure that any changes relating to timings or locations are advised to, and acknowledged by, us as soon as humanly possible.

If a wedding venue is previously unknown to me/us then we will generally make a recce trip in advance of the day, and can make ourselves available to view and discuss the location with you.

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